Sights and Sounds

Part of the initial development of any project is to hone in on the visual language and look of the film. For Black Point a lot of this inspiration comes from nature and the power it has to create and destroy life. Much of Black Point revolves around the sea and it’s wild danger and mystery, here we see the cliff that our protagonist Jake must take his leap of faith off of if he is to survive one of his many ordeals.




Black Point Moods


Black Point’s director Morgan Ghan shot some footage while scouting locations for the film’s Northern California coastal scenes. The weather was cold and gloomy, it rained everyday. Even though the golden hour never arrived to electrify the landscape with light the scenery is still something to behold. Check out the link at Vimeo:



Black Point Production Blog is here!

This is our first post as we finally have functional blog. Here we will be cataloging our progress throughout the Development and Production stages of the making of Black Point.