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  Black Point is my first feature length Screenplay. It is an epic saga that spans 20 years and chronicles the life a boy that won’t let the horrible hand he was dealt, define him. 


  My love for film began at the age of four. In 1975 my dad brought me to his work. He was a Multi Media teacher at the local Highschool. After plopping me down in front of one the first Betamax machines, he left the room. He came back holding a rectangular cassette thing. The “thing” was a copy of 1968’s sci-fi epic, “Planet of the Apes”. He put the rectangular thing into the black box. The screen on the TV lit up. I became glued to that TV. My mind blown. What had I seen? I marveled at the apes and the Statue of Liberty buried in the sand. Charlton Heston’s “Noooo” is forever etched in my psyche. Hooked on Sci-Fi then and there, I have never looked back.

  The seventies were great. At age five I was walking to the local movie theater by myself. I would pay my two bucks and watch whatever was on the bill. My favorite by far was a monstrous double feature. Spielberg’s Jaws and the 1976 King Kong (Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange version). I watched both of those films every weekend they ran. All three months. I always closed my eyes when the head popped out of the boat. Terrestrial monsters were my new thing. Then one evening in 1977 my mom and I got into her old blue Pinto. She drove us to the Warner Drive-in. And then Star Wars began. From then on everything was about movies, model making and special effects. I found inspiration from people like Rick Baker, George Lucas, and Stephen Spielberg. Their artistry was unfathomable to me. Ralph McQuarrie, Ralph Bakshi, Harlan Ellison, Robert Heinlein and Edgar Allen Poe too. I collected magazines like Cinefex and Fangoria. I spent countless hours sculpting creatures, drawing and building models. I was fortunate enough to get into the Model Vault at ILM (twice). Surrounded by all the models I had grown up seeing in my favorite films was a dream. I knew then I wanted to work there, to work in movies. But fate had other ideas and life doing what it does, never goes as planned.

   My introduction to production was a Rob Nilsson feature film called “Risk”. A gritty film about youth at risk. Not exactly Star Wars. I began as an unpaid laborer. I moved to boom operator two weeks into production. After that first film, I worked on several productions of various size and duration. An HBO mini series, a documentary on So Cal wineries and corporate videos. I’ve worked as a sound mixer, boom operator, grip and Cinematographer. But film work was spotty in the Bay Area at that time. Illustration and skateboarding were more lucrative. I found myself in the world of Fashion and Action Sports. The next twelve years I spent defining visual experiences, designing and marketing apparel. I was never 100% satisfied with this career. I decided to switch gears. In the last six years, I have re-focused my eyes on film making and writing. One day I will be able to make films full time. The first of which will be Black Point.






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